Unakho technologies specialize in Open Source and Microsoft Platform .To unable to cater for each client’s specific needs, we offer different service options.

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About Unakho Technologies

Unakho Technologies is a leading Local based and managed IT Solutions Enterprise. Unakho Technologies comprises a team of dedicated intellectuals with experience and expertise in the ICT.
At Unakho Technologies we specialize in Computer Sales, Enterprise Architecture, Software Development, Networking Solution, Desktop support, Software Design.
Unakho Technologies is offering a complete mobile computing solution as well as high level of expertise and excellent customer support. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. To enable us to cater for each client’s specific support needs, we offer different service options with the purchase of our service, whereby the client can choose the level of support and service required. This infrastructure also enables the company to maintain its high standard of after-sales- service. These service and support contracts offer a selection of choices ranging from telephone support, set-up support, and data backups, and training at reduced service rate.

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Science Technology Park Lower, Chester Road Wesbank

East London 5201

+27 083-3793-908

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